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Welcome to Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District


What’s New in Indianapolis, IN?

Welcome to our website!  We hope you will find the layout easy to use. Take a few minutes to tour the site. If you have any suggestions for changes or additional information, please let us know. We want this site to be as useful as possible for you.

For future visits you will find the newest updates right here on our home page and also under the “News” tab above.


Native Planting Volunteer Day – October 18th, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.



Join the City of Indianapolis’ Office of Sustainability and the Crown Hill Neighborhood
Association for a volunteer planting day as part of the Water, Wisdom, & Wealth project.
The two planting projects will not only improve our water quality, but help beautify the
neighborhood with vibrant flowers and grasses. Join us on October 18th to do your part!
Participants will also receive currency through the Make Change program (http://
makechangeindy.com/) that can be redeemed for real goods and services at local

 A new flower bed (consisting of native perennial flowers and grasses) will be planted
at the corner of Kenwood Avenue and 30th Street. Native plantings provide many
environmental benefits, including soaking up stormwater and filtering out pollutants
like pesticides, nutrients, and bacteria.

 A rain garden will be planted on Graceland Avenue (part of the Graceland Avenue
Peace Garden Project). Rain gardens are specialized gardens that absorb storm
water runoff, helping filter pollutants, reduce flooding, and recharge groundwater

For more information click here:  native planting volunteer day 10.18.14 












Lend a Hand – Farmers Helping Urban Farmers Program 

Fall Creek Gardens


The Fall Creek Watershed Project has initiated a program to help urban farmers, gardeners and conservationists share their needs with their rural farming neighbors. Urban gardening projects who are in need of a variety of materials have created a list of their needs. Rural farmers, horse and poultry owners, gardening centers and other who wish to help supply these needs can contact Leslie White, Backyard Conservation Coordinator for the Fall Creek Watershed Project ( leslie-white@iaswcd.org).  While this project is initially being started to help projects in the Fall Creek watershed, it is hoped that the idea will soon spread to other counties and communities.


Check our Small Farms website page often for updates on how you can help.  For more information click HERE.













Water Water Everywhere!  Standing Water  – Wet Crawlspace – Flooding Basement ???


If all the rain we’ve been having lately is causing drainage problems our website can get you started on the road to a solution.


Click Here to go to our Drainage Pages














Phone Number for Citizens Energy Group for Community Drainage Concerns


Please make a note of the new Citizens Energy Group contact number:  924-3311. Residents with flooding, storm water issues, manhole cover capping recess concerns or other water issues, this is the number to call. Citizens Energy Group is responsible for maintaining city storm drains. For technical assistance with drainage problems on private property you can continue to contact the Soil & Water Conservation District 786-1776. 


More help and information on drainage problems around your home can be found on our website under the Soils tab – Soils Types & Drainage section.