What is a SWCD Affiliate Member?  Affiliate members are individuals, groups or organizations who choose to financially support the work of the Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District. These funds are vitally needed especially during these lean financial times. The SWCD’s traditional funding from state and local government has not seen an increase in 13 years, while our cost of operations have continued to rise. Without additional funding our services will not be able to continue.


What are the Affiliate Membership funds used for?  Gifts from affiliate members are used to continue services provided to county residents including consultation in land use, erosion control and drainage problems. For many of our lower income residents, it is not financially possible to hire private engineering and consulting firms to design and install drainage and erosion control practices on their property. In many instances our office can provide simple, do it yourself suggestions that will alleviate or minimize their problems. No other agency is able to do this for individuals and small neighborhood groups.


Funding is needed to help continue erosion control inspections which are a critical part of improving and protecting water quality in the county. New construction, without proper erosion control can release literally tons of sediment into our waterways each year. Sedimentation clogs drainage ways, is a carrier for pollutants and is detrimental to fish and other aquatic life.


In addition, the SWCD is active in promoting wise land use and improvements in water quality through their educational programs, workshops and publications. Education is key to long term progress in soil and water quality and has always been a high priority for this District.


What are the benefits for Affiliate Members?
Affiliate members are rewarded for their generosity based on levels of contributions.


  • Copper Member ($25-$99): Recognition in the SWCD newsletter & 1 ticket to the SWCD Annual Meeting
  • Nickel Member ($100-$249): Copper benefits plus a ticket to a SWCD workshop
  • Platinum Member ($250-$500): Nickel benefits plus a coupon for a 3 gal. tree during our tree sale
  • Silver Member ($500-$999): Platinum benefits plus a 5 gal. tree
  • Gold Member ($1000 or more): Silver benefits plus a SWCD rain barrel


Click below to Download a membership application


or Contact the SWCD by calling 317-786-1776 or email us from our contact page



2015 Affiliate Members

Silver Member

Marion County Farm Bureau

Nickel Members

Rick Bein      George Haerle, in honor of Marilyn & Eli Bloom


Copper Members  

Mark Kautz              Beth Mason             Stephanie Schuck

Ruth & Paul Hayes, in honor of Eli Bloom & George Haerle



Thank you for your generous support of conservation through your SWCD!