Stop That Dirt



Stop That Dirt- Erosion Watch Campaign
The Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) has had various individuals and groups contact us concerning construction site erosion and resulting sedimentation problems in their community.  As a result of these contacts we have developed our Stop That Dirt- Erosion Watch Campaign.



Click below to Help SWCD Identify Potential Erosion & Sedimentation Problems


Stop that Dirt – Basic Information


Stop that Dirt- What Can You Do?



To help improve water quality in Marion County, when you notice erosion problems on construction sites that need attention please fill out this


Stop That Dirt Information Form


that can be completed by hand, and faxed or mailed to the Marion Co. SWCD Office


Contractors & Engineers – Check here for Erosion Control & Stormwater Runoff Requirements Associated

with Construction Activities (Rule 5 Requirements)


Check here for Erosion Control & Rule 5 Resources.



Winter Help Needed to Stop That Dirt


Winter is a critical time for water pollution caused by sedimentation. Just when our ditches and streams have to be prepared to be running at maximum capacity to handle the late winter and early springs rains, sediment is running off the land at accelerated speeds. Sediment not along pollutes the water, it also clogs up our waterways. During the winter the ground is often frozen, not allowing water to percolate through the soil and even worse, on many construction sites there is no vegetation to capture soil particles.


One of our main responsibilities at the SWCD is to minimize sedimentation by working with construction sites disturbing one acre or more to eliminate sediment leaving the construction site.  Each construction site is required to have an erosion control plan in place and the erosion control measures kept in working condition.


In order to help our staff keep track of all of the construction projects in the county, we developed a “Stop That Dirt Campaign” where citizens can contact us when they see an erosion problem in the county. To help you know what to look for we have set up information and a form on our website that can be filled out and sent to us.


Also on our website we have information to help contractors meet erosion control standards set by the state.  For more information use the Marion SWPPP email address found on our “Contact Us” website page.