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Small Scale Farms are popping up all over as a means of providing local produce, specialized crops and meat products, poultry and agritourism opportunities to our community. Marion County is blessed with very fertile soil over much of the county allowing good returns on small acreages. This section of our website will be dedicated to those who are interested in creating small scale farms, urban gardens and agritourism businesses. Check back often as information will change and expand, opportunities for workshops, educational materials and helpful programs will be announced throughout the year.





Agritourism provides educational and fun experiences on local farms, orchards, wineries, sugar shacks, horticultural businesses, and can even included hunting or fishing opportunities. Innovative ideas are popping up all the time that help supplement farm incomes and provide fun and educational opportunities for families and groups.


Click below for some helpful links for Agritourism information:


Agricultural Marketing Resource Center 


Purdue Cooperative Extension – Agritourism