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Eat Locally!


The Marion County SWCD is actively pursuing opportunities to encourage local gardening and agriculture options. Producing and providing healthy, fresh produce and food products to our urban residents benefits everyone. Health and the environment, as well as the economy are improved as  we eat locally.


Below are some options for Indianapolis area families looking for fresh, locally grown produce.  


IMG_1741-1024x768Community Supported Agriculture Farms Serving the Indianapolis Area


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms provide urban families a healthy, economical, often hands-on option for providing fresh produce to their tables while providing a reliable income for our local farm families. You’ll really know where your food comes from and become well acquainted with your CSA farm family as you invest in a “share” of the farm’s harvest! Some CSA’s will even provide opportunities for you to help on the farm in return for a discount on your “share”.


In general you will find CSA’s are highly committed to raising the highest quality produce, improving soil health, conservation and sustainable agriculture practices. Many also raise their produce organically, GMO free, or without synthetic chemicals. You will be amazed how good fresh produce can taste!


Click below for a listing of CSA’s, not necessarily recommended by the Marion County SWCD, but those who advertise that they deliver to the Indianapolis area:



CLICK HERE for CSA farms list





farmersmarketLocal Farmers Markets


Central Indiana’s farmers markets are growing!  Providing locally grown, healthy fresh produce, meat, eggs, flowers and locally produced products, hitting farmers markets are a must for your weekly shopping needs!  You’ll love the difference you will find in the taste of fresh, locally grown food.



Click below for a sample of some of the farmers markets available in and around Indianapolis.  Many more are created each year so keep checking for more locations. 



Click HERE for farmers market listing 





Other places to search for farmers markets include these websites: