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Soil Health Cost-Share Program for Micro-Farms and Gardens

Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) are in place to help people help the land.  The Soil Health Initiative is a program to provide technical and financial assistance to improve soil health and water quality through soil conservation practices, with a focus on small farms and gardens in Marion and Hendricks Counties.  Cost-share funds are available for conservation practices to help growers achieve soil health.

The program is made possible through Clean Water Indiana competitive grant funds awarded to the SWCDs.

To apply for 2018 Cost-share funds, review the 2018 guidance document below, and apply via the 2018 online application.

Applications are reviewed monthly and evaluated on the applicant’s ability to complete the project, the availability of program funds and assistance, the benefits to soil health and water quality, and educational opportunity. 

*Applications should be submitted online if at all possible. If not, it can be mailed to our office C/O Kevin Allison, 1200 S. Madison Ave, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46225 

3/28/2018 UPDATE:  Multiple applications have been received in Marion County.  New applications in Marion County are still welcomed but please note that the program is now limited in its capacity to fund projects.  New applications in Hendricks County are strongly encouraged! 

Questions? Contact Urban Soil Health Specialist Kevin Allison at 317-786-1776 or through our Contact page.


Kevin Allison shows tools to workshop visitors in garden