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Homeowner Association & Landscape Contractor Workshop  –  December 7th


Did you know that Homeowners associations are required to maintain some of the stormwater infrastructure in the common areas of their neighborhoods. This includes ponds, swales, shoreline plantings, rain gardens, pervious pavement and pavers, water quality units and other features known as Stormwater Best Management Practices or BMPs. If you run an HOA or are a landscape contractor or a pond management company who maintains neighborhood property, then join the White River Alliance and its 10 member communities for an informational workshop to learn how to meet these requirements and avoid costly BMP failures and regulatory compliance issues.  The workshop will also cover the benefits of native plants, design tips, and installation and maintenance issues. The cost of the workshop is $15, which covers lunch, drinks, and snacks.  Registration deadline is 11/29/17 and space is limited. For more information, contact the White River Alliance at 317-672-7577 or



Library Program Lets You “Check-out” State Parks



In 2017, Hoosiers can check out state parks by checking out an entrance pass from a public library.

The State Park Centennial Annual Pass Library Check-out Program is a partnership between Indiana State Parks and the Indiana State Library to encourage people to visit libraries and parks.  At libraries across Indiana, 240 state park passes have been placed in circulation for check-out. The passes will provide access to Indiana’s 32 state parks and also to Indiana’s state forest recreation areas where entrance fees are charged. Passes will be available for check-out from Jan. 1-Dec. 31.   


The program is one way Indiana State Parks is celebrating its centennial anniversary. The Indiana State Parks system was a gift to the people of Indiana in 1916 in celebration of the state’s centennial. Read more about activities that are part of the State Parks Centennial Celebration at

“Our goal is to provide access to our great Indiana State Parks for those who may have never visited,” said Ginger Murphy, deputy director of stewardship for Indiana State Parks. “We also hope that those who come in to check out the annual pass will take time to explore the services and materials available in Indiana’s libraries.”


The Indiana State Library helped pay for the parks pass program. Some local libraries may purchase additional passes to ensure that each branch has one for check-out.

“The State Library is excited about its bicentennial partnership with Indiana State Parks,” said State Librarian Jacob Speer. “The partnership gives library patrons an opportunity to explore the many beautiful state park locations across Indiana simply by using their library card to check-out the free passes.”


Check-out duration for the passes may vary by site. Visit your local public library for details about check-out duration.




Construction Season is Here! Help Needed to Stop That Dirt


One of our main responsibilities at the SWCD is to minimize sedimentation by working with construction sites disturbing one acre or more to eliminate sediment leaving the construction site.  Each construction site is required to have an erosion control plan in place and the erosion control measures kept in working condition.


In order to help our staff keep track of all of the construction projects in the county, we developed a “Stop That Dirt Campaign” where citizens can contact us when they see an erosion problem in the county. To help you know what to look for we have set up information and a form on our website that can be filled out and sent to us.


Also on our website we have information to help contractors meet erosion control standards set by the state.  For more information check out information on our website by clicking HERE.





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Our Lawn & Garden page is continually updated to give you ideas on how to improve your lawn and gardens naturally season by season.  This month learn spring maintenance tips for the natural, organic lawn.  Click below for more information:




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