Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) are in place to help people help the land and provide technical and financial assistance to improve soil health and water quality through soil conservation practices.

Many of our grant programs are made possible through Clean Water Indiana (CWI) competitive grant funds awarded to the SWCDs.

From 2015 to 2018, the Marion County SWCD managed CWI cost-share programs to assist vegetable growers with nutrient management, cover crops, mulching, tree-shrub plantings, and native plantings. The SWCD provided financial assistance to 23 growing operations in 2018 and technical assistance to over 60 growers.

In 2019, the Marion County SWCD is utilizing funding for technical staff, adult education workshops, outreach materials, and demonstrations. We have also secured funding to expand our demonstration efforts and are developing a program to work with partners to implement, measure, and promote soil health practices.

The Marion County SWCD works together with neighboring SWCDs on small farms conservation. Landusers interested in regenerative agriculture can contact their districts to inquire about programs. See this guidance document for cost-share still available in Hendricks County.

Marion County SWCD: 317-786-1776
Hendricks County SWCD: 317-745-2555